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Gaaby world
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Eco-friendly homestay (A unit of GAABY WORLD Tour Company) in paddy farm houses in the backwaters of Kerala. Accommodation and food with the village family enables you to know the typical life and cuisine of Kerala and the opportunity to learn the ethnic culinary tradition of Kerala.

Village walk facilitates you to meet the villagers and to interact with them.

This also enables you to have a closer look at the exotic flora and fauna that are typical of Kerala – rare birds and herbs, especially Hands-on experience of a unique farming system typical Kuttanadu which is sub-sea level geographically.

2 to 3 hours of guided day tours.

Activities include all these spectacular experiences which take care of accommodation, dining, and guided village walk, cultural programs and the like.


  • Guided bicycling tour through village road.
  • Guided village walk.
  • Cooking classes and facility for self cooking.
  • Canoeing practice in canals.
  • Laundry.
  • Chance to place of historical importance and to learn about the history, customs, culture and tradition of Kerala.
  • Adequate guidelines for onward journey to anywhere. (Inclusive)

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Dear Business Associate:

GAABY WORLD is an upcoming community homestay in Kuttanad region of Alleppey District with the distinctive features of family amenities. It is run as a community development project towards the progress of the local people by the local people. At GAABY WORLD we provide not only stay; it is a home-away-from-home for those who come with exotic ideas and want to share the local culture and thoughts of the people in the ethnic milieu.

We offer different categories of stays for different people.

Non-A/C rooms with bath on a single/double/triple sharing basis.
A/C rooms with bath on a single/double/triple sharing basis.
Various packages conforming to the needs of the guest.

We also conduct a WORKSHOP ON ETHNIC CULTIVATION & HARVESTING TECHNIQUES (seasonal) by directly going to the paddy fields which are reclaimed backwater lands. This is a wonderful cultural experience as you can experience hands-on the traditional agricultural methodologies, rustic yet effective irrigation systems, paddy cultivation and harvesting and the whole gamut of it. Apart from this, we also arrange a canoeing all along the sinuous rivers and tributaries and narrow canals, which all give you a ringside view of the lifestyle of the local people.

Yet another highlight is a heritage tour through Alleppey for half a day, which includes taking the guest to the famous CHAVARA CHURCH (which is the place where a blessed person became a saint). You can also witness the architectural marvel of the centuries old temples which still maintain that old-world charm, chores and rituals. Apart from that we conduct tours to COIR MAKING INDUSTRIES in the region for which Alleppey is renowned. This will be an altogether different experience for you – a unique combination of modern and rustic machinery. Various other activities include Folk Dances of Kerala which are all a treat for your soul and eyes because of their colorful vibrancy and power-packed rendering and rich resonance. We are also conducting Backwater Houseboat Service & Different type of Kerala package Tours. We look forward to a viable, highly potential and prosperous business association with you.